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My Neighbor Who Once Was a Doctor but Then Became a Farmer is a game we worked on in 2017, but due to the fact that it blew up out of proportion, it was never finished.


Some of our latest projects weren't so successful so we decided to make one last game and remembered this old project. That's where we are asking for your help. We would like to know your opinion: would you like to see this game  get finished, would you play it, would you consider sponsoring it's development through platform like Patreon?

Current State

Keep in mind this game is still in early pre-alpha state. The game is not very stable and misses a lot of things like:

- All lot of content - tasks and missions, different seeds and vegetables, beginning an ending, more areas, better dungeon (not this useless current one);

- Tutorial and instructions;

- Game feedback;

- Some graphics;

- Sounds;

- Proofreading;

- Polish;

- Bug-free environment.


Arrow Keys - Move;

Z - pick up / throw item;

X - use tools / items;

C - put the  resources into your backpack;

A - previous item;

S - next item;

D - open backpack;

Space - open notebook;

Up - interact with the objects / open the doors / talk to people.

AGAIN keep in mind this game is in very early state and please let us know  would you like to see this game finished, would you consider sponsoring it's development through platform like Patreon?

P.S. This game is intertwined with the another game from our collection called Welcome To Bummertown.


My Neighbor Who Was Doctor.zip 151 MB


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MacOS versions?

Love the artwork, cool concept! Although, I would prefer it if there were more traditional controls (like WASD to move and using the mouse to interact). It would just make the experience way more rewarding. To me, the controls and the lack of tutorial are the only things holding this game back. Everything else is awesome! Please don't give up on this game :)